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Judd & Tracy Kennedy



You know the expression: "It's all in the genes"? well...that's how YumYums Catering began...generations ago.

Judd grew up in a household of authentic mexican cuisine. His grandmother, "Big Mary" was a restaurant owner in Downtown Dallas in the 1960's. She featured traditional family recipes, and served them with love to her patrons (some of whom were rumored to be Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby!) for many years. When she retired, she went on to serve her grandchildren daily, and Judd spent his childhood in the kitchen beside her, enjoying her recipes, and watching every step.

Judd went on to begin his working career in the food service industry, where he worked first in a grocery store, and then in a pizza kitchen. He started catering with his childhood best friend's family business, and fell in love with the catering business.

Tracy began much the same- she grew up in a home where the motto for food was, "There's MORE Than Enough For Everyone! Bring them, too!". Her mother grew up cooking for her siblings, and continued that act of love into her adulthood. Tracy watched and learned all of her mother's cooking techniques, and took her family recipes and fused them with her own flair, and the same motto: "There's MORE than enough! Bring them, too!"

She began working in the food industry as well, in EVERY capacity (if it was a paid job, she did it...no matter what it was!). After she met and married Judd, started working in the catering industry as well, in EVERY capacity still, from table bussing to serving, cooking, event planning, and everything in between. If it needed to be done, she was the one doing it. She LOVED every bit of it! 

In 2011, the two decided it was time to spread their wings and fly. And so, YumYum's Catering was born.

Tracy and Judd have served audiences of every capacity and need-from weddings to corporate events, to private parties and Dallas Cowboys Tailgate Parties- there's no job too big or small for them! They LOVE to Serve!

And in 2018, they decided to achieve an ever bigger dream: to have a catering venue where they could host LIVE cooking classes to audiences of all ages and interests! They opened a kitchen in the lofts at Southside Lamar, and host regular classes!

When you come to visit the YumYums Kitchen, you'll get to taste over 70 years' collective family recipes, and you'll get to meet the Kennedy family as well- it's family business after all! They all work there-sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews...even mom and dad from time to time! 

Taste and see...You'll say, "YUMYUM!!"

About YumYums

We specialize in planning and catering all events of any size. From event planning, to venue selection and setup, to the reception, we offer a full service  package that includes everything from your refreshments to appetizers to full multi-course meals or buffets.  

Whatever you are looking for, we've done it! And if we haven't, we're always ready for new adventures!

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